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1- Nickel Plating
Electrolytic Nickel Plating, the backbone of plating industry, is extensively used allover the world for decorative & corrosion resistance applications. It is often used as undercoat to provide a bright and levelled surface before plating of precious metals. Improvisation over the years with special additives has made the system highly versatile and job oriented.

Bright Nickel Process

Superglo Brightener 33

A widely used versatile bright Nickel system which produces very quick bright levelled deposits. Highly tolerant to variations in temperature and bath concentrations. Offers excellent low current density coverage. Suitable for manual vat and barrel installations.

Unispec 16

New generation bright Nickel additive system suitable in rack & barrel plating process. Unispec 16 is the recent addition to this series of Nickel brighteners, specially developed for producing highly levelled bright deposit at lower brightener consumption.

Spectra 3070 Brightener

A unique ultra high performance Nickel brightener system produces superb glossy levelled fully ductile Nickel deposit plated Nickel Chrome components look eye appealing bluish, thus makes the plated article attractive to the users.

Nickel Additive 922

A universal primary make-up brightener to be used in conjunction with the above mentioned bright Nickel systems. Increases tolerance to impurities and enhances brightness and ductility when added in a regulated manner in bright Nickel processes.

Satin Nickel

Pearlsheen Nickel Process

Produces neat, silky, satin free, highly decorative nickel deposit with satin finish. Suitable for rack plated components.

Black Nickel / Antique Nickel

Groblack Antique Nickel Process

Produces decorative black finish of Nickel.

Growel  Antique Nickel Process

An excellent cyanide / cyanide free  Nickel alloy plating process to be applied as an overlay on bright Nickel to produce eye-appealing glossy bluish black anthracite finish.

Auxiliary Additive

Nickel Leveller / UNISPEC Leveller 248

Special additives compatible with our bright nickel processes to import additional levelling Ideally suited for poorly polished surfaces.

Nickel Additive 52

A purifier for bright Nickel systems to improve tolerance to metallic impurities like dissolved copper and zinc.

2- Chrome Plating
Chromium Plating in decorative Nickel-Chrome system provides a tarnish resistant, pleasing bluish, brilliant and clear deposit on Nickel surface. The deposit is hard and therefore, resistant to abrasion and wear, thus a very thin coating of 0.25 to 0.8 microns of chrome provides a durable and attractive finish.

Durobrite SRHS Chrome Process

Easy to operate Durobrite SRHS, decorative, self regulating, high speed process gives a pleasing bluish bright chrome deposit at a very wide current density range.

Durohard Chrome Process

Mixed catalysed, high efficiency, high speed hard Chrome deposit with deposit hardness upto 950-1000 Vickers. Cathode efficiency is as high as 22% and can be operated at 50 to 60 A-dmcurrent density.

Trivalent Chrome Plating

Triplus Chrome 300

A major step forward to eliminate usage of hexavalent Chrome in case of decorative Chromium plating process. It is innovative Chromium plating process using only trivalent Chromium compounds, produces excellent finish on bright Nickel plated components.

Auxiliary Additive

Mist Free

An effective powder / liquid compound which acts as a stable fume suppressant for decorative chrome plating baths to eliminate spray of chromic acid mist, keeping plating shop atmosphere healthy and also minimizes chromic acid consumption.

3- Copper Plating

Cyanide Copper

Cyco Dull Copper Process  1123

A general purpose baths for Copper strike as well as heavy deposits of cyanide Copper whenever desired. Suitable for rack as well as barrel operation, the system provides a fine grain layer of Copper.


Non- Cyanide Alkaline Copper

Cuprobrite NC Plating Process “81,82”

Alkaline Copper plating process to eliminate usage of cyanides in the process, could be chosen to provide strike deposits on ferrous or non ferrous e.g., Zinc based die-castings, Aluminium, Magnesium etc. This process is now used as strike coating prior to hard Chrome plating on printing cylinders / Tin / Silver plating on Aluminium bus bars.

Acid Copper

Cuprobrite (310, 100)

Innovative Copper brightener system suitable for excellent glossiness. This process can also be chosen for Copper-Nickel- Chrome combination irrespective of thickness of coatings.

High Build Copper

Cuprabuild HS 900

Specially designed Acid Copper plating process for high thickness build-ups for applications such as printing cylinders, copper bottom vessels etc. It builds higher thickness without any internal stresses. Fine grained micro structure imparts moderate hardness values upto 120 VHN. The deposit is semi-bright & extremely smooth.

4 - Tin Plating
Tin has a pleasing white colour; resists corrosion and staining. Being non-toxic, easily solderable and soft, it is used for food industry, electronic components and bearing surfaces.

Acid Tin

Stannolume Bright Acid Tin Process

Stannolume bright acid Tin process employs a unique combination of carrier additive and brightener to produce mirror bright, silvery white deposit having good solderability, ductility and meets stringent specifications prescribed for electronic and the electrical industry.

5 - Brass Plating
Tin has a pleasing white colour; resists corrosion and staining. Being non-toxic, easily solderable and soft, it is used for food industry, electronic components and bearing surfaces.

Growel 1122 

Brass, an alloy of Copper and Zinc is plated on plated mild steel, aluminium and zinc based diecastings for decorative applications. Brass is plated on mild steel to obtain good bonding of steel to rubber.

6 - Antique Finishes
Demands are growing plated / processed zip, buttons buckles & snap fastener to be used in textile industries. Productine provides whole range of

Gibonol C 115

Produces decorative oxide finish on copper and copper alloys, at room temperature, with wide range of attractive colours ranging from light brown to black to bronze, also ideal for barrel operations.

7 - Zinc Plating
Use of Zinc plating is rapidly increasing for rust protection and decorative applications, It is primarily due to rise in cost of Nickel metals & also, increasing restrictions towards using toxic Cadmium in desired applications. It can also provide more uniform thickness, does not tend to fill up holes or obliterate threads and conserves heating energy to a very great extent. Zinc is an ideal replacement for hot dip galvanizing where high precision is desired. Latest developments of Zinc alloy plating in conjugation of certain passivations provides extremely high corrosion resistance to the deposited coating which even surpass the service life of traditional Nickel Chrome deposits.

Cyanide Zinc

This is a widely used plating process but is facing a declined trend due to pressure on metal finishing industry to eliminate cyanide from all phases of production because of its toxicity and high cost of neutralization.

Zincbrite 610 Brightener

A highly concentrated brightener system designed to give excellent brightness at low as also high current densities. Suitable for vat and barrel applications and has very low consumption.

Acid Chloride Zinc

Chloride zinc process is very versatile and is another preferred option in fast replacing cyanide Zinc primarily due to relative ease of operation, higher plating speed, lower power consumption, instant visible brightness response, no cyanide neutralization costs.

Zinthobrite 978 Process

Very versatile chloride Zinc process. Produces extremely bright and levelled Zinc deposits both in rack and barrel plating systems. Highly tolerant to impurities like iron. Remarkable levelling and ductility properties. Zinthobrite 978 Process offer very good receptivity to all chromate conversion processes.

Zincalite 985

Acid Zinc brightener system with superb brightening ability. It permits operation even at higher temperature up-to 50°C. This product is specially formulated to offer low brightener consumption to the users & also, could be operated in all types of Electrolytes – only potassium chloride, mixed potassium & ammonium chloride & also, only ammonium chloride types.

Post Plating Passivation For Zinc

Chromate Conversion Coatings are applied to the metal surface to enhance corrosion resistance and paint adhesion. Additionally, chromating process brightens zinc and cadmium plated surface & hence, improves the aesthetics of the substrates. Conversion Coatings are normally applied by immersion or by spray.

Hexavalent chromate  Conversion Coating

Yellow : Ginthox 995

Produces bright, iridescent coating on chloride Zinc plated parts without use of nitric acid; high corrosion resistance and excellent for paint / organic finishes.

Olive Green : Zincafix 958

Single liquid concentrate produces a glossy olive green coating, suitable for Zinc deposits from all types of Zinc plating processes.

Black : Ginthox ZB 992 / Ravenox ZB 993

Jet-black chromate coating on Zinc plated parts.

Trivalent chromate  Conversion Coating

 Blue : Trichrome HB 1720

Trivalent chrome Passivation produces pleasing thick blue finish.