Plating On Plastics & Aluminium
Plating on Plastics
Plating On Aluminium
1- Plating on Plastics
With increasing industrial usage of parts made plastics, application for plating on plastics is limitless. As manufacturers increasingly look to plastic as answer to lighter, more corrosion resistant, less expensive products. Future of plated plastics is promising. Ideal plastic material for plating purpose is ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).

Ginplate Activator 442 / 444

High effective single-step easy to handle Palladium-Tin colloid with smaller particle size, specially designed to metallise plastic prior to electro-deposition.

Ginplate NI 414 / 414 (ABS)

Electroless Nickel process to impart uniform conductive (pit-free) semi-bright electroless Nickel base coat on activated plastic surface. Ammonia consumption in this system is lower than its contemporary products.

2- Plating On Aluminium
AL FATH GROUP offers complete technology to plate Aluminium & its alloys to provide excellent corrosion & wear resistant coatings to meet more stringent OEM standards. Suitable pretreatment processes which include soak degreasing, etching, desmulting & zincating are key factors for better adhesion of deposit on to the base materials.

Ginbond NS 35

Non-caustic and non-silicate soak degreasing system, does not etch surface of Aluminium substrate.

Ginbond E 24

Caustic based alkaline etchant facilitates mild etching and provides smooth finish.

Gictane 70

De-oxidizer & conditioning agent enhances desmutting effect, especially suitable for plating on Si-rich A 356 Aluminium alloys wheels.

Alzincate MV

New generation multi cation, smooth, fine grained, compact zincating process – Ensures desired adhesion to subsequent electro deposits, ideal choice for silicon rich cast Aluminium wheels.

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