Surface Conditioning

SURFACE CONDITIONG is an essential requisite to obtain fine plating finishes. It comprises of a planned cycle of controlled steps precisely selected for cleaning and subsequent preparation of substrates. Pre cleaning, either by solvent emulsion degreasers or heavy-duty soak cleaners are employed to remove heavy accumulation of soil such as oil, grease, buffing compounds and drawing lubricants by immersion, electrolytic or by spray. To obtain water break-free surface, the substrates are often further cleaned by industrial detergents with or without the help of electrolysis.

Alkaline soak / electrolytic cleaners
Acid pickle aid inhibitors
1- Alkaline soak / electrolytic cleaners


Steelex K200

General purpose soak cleaner for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They can also be used as electrocleaner.

Ferrowash 15

Low Temperature, heavy duty alkaline soak / electrolytic cleaner for ferrous components.

Ginbond E 24

Fast acting, alkaline etchant and cleaning compound for aluminium alloys. It produces a fine etch and is more rapid and economical than conventional alkaline cleaners.

Ginbond NS 35

Mildly alkaline caustic soda & silicate free cleaner for Aluminium, does not etch base material. It is good for cleaning other sensitive metals and leaves no siliceous film.

Ginbond 812

heavy-duty alkaline electrocleaner with chelating action which rapidly removes smut and light surface rust, fingerprints and soil from steel. Its superior cleaning characteristics leaves steel surface bright and completely free of contamination.


Ginbond 814

Chelated electrocleaner for copper and copper alloys including brass. It is very effective for removing soils. A powerful blend of chelating agents provide high tolerance for hard water.

Ginbond Z 72

A general purpose alkaline cleaner, can be used as soak or electrolytic on a variety of metals. It is ideal for buffed Zinc die-castings and Brass parts prior to plating.

2- Acid pickle aid inhibitors

Gictane inhibitor 11

An economical acid inhibitor for both Sulphuric or hydrochloric acid, applicable for a variety of steels including high carbon steels. Also prevents deposition of copper on steel by immersion from acid pickles.

Gictane inhibitor 19

Highly efficient inhibitor for Sulphuric acid pickling process. Specially, designed to be used in continuous pickling process.