Electrophrotic lacquer
LacKote series is a cathodically Electro Deposited (ED) polymer system for decorative and functional coating technologies, which are environmentally friendly. The product utilises proven Polyurethane/Acrylic based chemistry for maximum durability and stability, and offers the user superior resistance to aggressive acidic / perspiration environments through advanced polymer engineering and improved solvent resistance. When fully cured the product becomes a tough polyurethane system with excellent hardness, Ultra Violet (UV), solvent and wear resistance in addition to chemical resistance to both acid and alkali environments. The product gives a smooth even coating with enhanced gloss. The product comes as a 55% wt/wt solids concentrate which is then “let down” with demineralised water to form a stable emulsion operating at around 10% wt/wt solids. The product offers flexibility in that when combined with compatible dyes attractive transparent metallic finishes in a wide variety of metal substrates are possible.